Plant Safety Group (Construction Industry)

The aim of the Construction Industry's Plant Safety Group is to bring about a continuous reduction in the rate of injuries and ill-health caused through the operation and installation of plant in the construction industry by the development and production of specific guidance documents.

The Group is managed and administered by CPA with the HSE being key participants. Industry organisations that contribute include Build UK, CECA, HBF, CEA, TWF, SAFED, FPS and others, and certification bodies such as CPCS, ALLMI, IPAF and NPORS. There is also a seperate group focussed on MEWP safety, led jointly by IPAF and CPA.

The following safe use guidance documents can be downloaded free of charge (note - scroll to the right to see the full range of publications)

Reducing Trapping/Crushing Injuries to People in MEWPs

This guidance, updated in January 2023, is intended to help to reduce risks of trapping and crus... read more


Safe Use of Dumpers Supplement Rotating Seat Dumpers Protocol

A number of manufacturers are now supplying a variant of forward tipping dumper but where the op... read more


Safe Use of Dumpers

Guidance on considerations and measures to tackle dumper safety and operational issues.

The ... read more


Lifting Operations with 180 - 360 Excavators

Guidance on planning and executing lifting operations using excavators.

This guidance was pro... read more


Rescue of Persons from MEWPS

Guidance on factors to take into account for people in MEWPs trapped at height.

When MEWPs a... read more


Reducing Unintended Movement of Plant

Guidance on the issues, factors and consequences of unintentional movement of plant.

This pub... read more


Managing the Safe Condition of MEWPS

Guidance on inspections, maintenance and examinations of MEWPs.

This safety guidance outlines... read more


MEWP Safety Alert Protocol

Guidance on creating a safety alert around MEWP operations using a common process.

A Safety A... read more


Safe Use of Telehandlers - Second Revision

Guidance on planning, preparation and carrying out of safe operations using telehandlers.

Thi... read more


Lifting and Travelling with Suspended Loads using Telehandlers

Guidance on factors to take into account when planning and executing suspended load operations.
... read more


Medical Fitness to Operate Construction Plant

Guidance on factors around medical fitness requirements for plant operators.

Persons who oper... read more


Competence to Operate Construction Plant

Guidance on determining training and competence requirements for plant operators.

The duty to... read more


Ground Conditions for Construction Plant

Guidance on factors and considerations when determining ground conditions for plant operations.
... read more


Ground Conditions for Construction Plant - A Brief Guide

Guidance in a short-form version that supplements the ground conditions full guidance document.
... read more


Safe Use of Quick Hitches on Excavators - Best Practice Guidance

Guidance on the factors of incorrect fitment of attachments using a quick-hitch coupler.

Beca... read more