Building the Industry of the Future - The CPA Skills & Employment Tool Kit  

Building and developing the industry of the future means the construction plant sector accessing the skills and talent it needs. It is vital the industry can grow, nurture and retain its workforce as construction enters a new age of innovation, development and growth.

What is the CPA Skills & Employment Tool Kit and Why it is Needed? 

The Skills & Employment Tool Kit has been developed with CPA Members, to help identify where skills gaps exist in the current workforce.  From discussions with member companies, the Tool Kit acts as a guide in two ways.  For students, career advisers and people interested in a career in construction, infrastructure, plant and the plant-hire sector, it acts as an introduction to what opportunities exist and how a person can find our more and take advantage of them.

For companies, it highlights best practice, demonstrates how businesses have developed their workforce, accessed, and recruited new talent and the steps they have taken.

This is just a start. The Tool Kit will be updated and developed as we move forwards. Why we need it is increasingly important. The impact of Covid-19 on the labour market will continue to have huge implications. With many people losing their jobs from other industries, the construction plant sector can showcase its value as a career destination of choice to a host of new, potential entrants.

Working in a Professional and Critical Part of Construction

The UK construction plant sector is one of the most advanced and professional in the world, yet it suffers from an ongoing and chronic skills shortage. Unaddressed, it will have a real and profound impact on the industry in the years to come. This is even more important as the UK has now left the EU and the wider economy deals from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Accessing the global talent pool means companies competing with peers from around the world. Developing and growing our own domestic workforce is critical to the long-term future and success of the sector.