Plant Security Manufacturers, CESAR and MicroCESAR

The companies listed below are either CPA or CITS (Combined Industry Theft Solution) members. It is recommended that you obtain independent security advice, either from your insurance broker or recognised qualified professional body, that can assist you on your particular security needs. This list of systems below, are a non-exhaustive array which companies can adopt singularly or in conjunction with other systems to help protect their assets.

The CPA staff are not qualified to recommend any particular system or company.

Close-circuit television (CCTV)

Close-circuit television (CCTV) can be used within a building or structure, or externally to a building, or insitu site or depot. These systems are versatile as they be either positioned in a fixed location, or can be easily transported and used in temporary (mobile) locations. The mobile CCTV systems can be self-sustaining with an in-built battery power supply to power the cameras, but to also run an internet connection back to either the CCTV’s service provider, or owner.  The flexibility of these systems allows multiple sites (or multiple cameras for a single (remote) site), to be viewed from a single location.

  Safer Security Group 0141 353 9300
  Smart Water Group   
 01952 204100
  Vue 0161 877 2257


Identity Systems

A simple but effective system that uses 1mm diameter laser etched dot, which can, for example, carry the Company Name, Telephone Number and Post Code. The asset can then be immediately identified back to the owner.

This can be particularly important in discouraging potential thieves. One clear benefit is that this system allows several thousand dots to be applied over the asset in a few minutes. These dots are detectable by shining a UV lamp on the area to be checked.

  Selectamark 01689 860757
  Vinchip  0333 212 4746


Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Locking Systems are quick and simple to fit, and fit many different areas of a machine.  

  Trimark Europe      01530 512460


Immobilisation Systems

There are different types of immobilisation systems on the market from mechanical to electronic, which are designed to isolate the machine’s electrical/hydraulic/fuel system(s).  The machine’s manufacturer may prefer a particular system be installed if this is being considered.

Meta Trak          020 3332 0121




Location and Tracking Systems

Location and tracking systems operate on Global Positioning system (GPS) satellites to provide accurate locations via satellite and cellular technologies. Information on the machine’s location can be sent to your internet connected PC, laptop or mobile phone. The information on the machine’s engine management system may also be included.   

  Automatrics   01329 663812
  CanTrack Global 01908 330385
  Meta Trak  020 3332 0121
  Scorpion Automotive  01527 249928
  So-Trak 0113 856 0780
  Triton Trak 01937 203700
  XTS UK 0844 858 4654

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security may be the first physical step in protecting your assets from theft or preventing trespassers crossing your property, and so its robustness is key. There are various levels of robustness for perimeter fencing available from temporary to permanent fixtures.

  Harper Chalice     024 7642 1300


CESAR Scheme

The Construction & Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration (CESAR) Scheme is promoted by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and supported by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), powered by Datatag ID technology and accredited and supported by a wide range of organisations including the CPA.

The MicroCESAR scheme was launched at the 2017 Executive Hire Show.

Visit the CESAR Scheme website for more information.