Plant Security Manufacturers, CESAR and MicroCESAR

The CPA does not recommend any of the companies listed below or their products. The information below is intended to be representative of the companies and products currently available in the sector.

Identity Systems

A simple but effective system that uses 1mm diameter laser etched dot. The dot can carry the Company Name, Telephone Number and Post Code by etched across it. Property can be immediately identified back to the company.

This can be particularly important in discouraging potential thieves. One major plus point about this system is that several thousand dots can be applied in a few minutes. The dots are only detectable by shining a UV lamp on the area to be checked. 

Selectamark, Tel: 01689 860757,

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Locking Systems are very simple to fit and fit many different areas of the machine. This type of system can be fitted to quickly and easily. There are many different types of mechanical locking device. Listed below is a selection of such devices.

Breaker Lok

  • Locks hydraulic breakers, buckets, posthole borers etc. to mini excavators or backhoe loaders when left on site out of working hours.


  • Locks stabiliser leg with wheels off the ground. Permanently part of the machine.


  • A device that immobilises the track of any tracked crawler machine fitted with either rubber or metal tracks. The Trackloc for rubber tracks also enables the trailer to be secured to the excavator thereby defeating theft by lorry-mounted cranes.

TriMark Europe, Tel: 01530 512460,

Immobilisation Systems

There are different types of immobilisation system on the market from a mechanical to a diesel system. The principle they work on is to isolating all or a combination of hydraulic, electrical and fuel systems.

The Meck Lock mechanical system can isolate the hydraulic system that operates a boom or steering system ensuring the plant cannot be moved. The key system has several million combinations that cannot be copied. The key barrel is drill, saw and hammer proof and cannot be electronically overridden.

JCB Plant Guard, Tel: 0800 294 2822,  
Mechanical Line Solutions, Tel: 01428 751845,  

Location and Tracking Systems

Location and track systems operate on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites to provide accurate location via satellite and cellular technologies. Information is direct to your Internet connected PC, laptop or mobile phone. The system can monitor the location, movement, engine hours and battery condition etc of your plant.

Automatrics Limited, Tel: 01329 663812,  

CanTrack, 01908 330385,  

SO-Trak Ltd 0113 8560780, 

Trackunit Telematics, 0118 929 8061,  

Site Security Systems

A wire free portable alarm or CCTV systems designed for internal and external use on site or in a depot. These systems are less expensive and more effective than static guards. These systems can deliver live or recorded video pictures direct to a PC, laptop, mobile phone or monitoring station.

JCB Plant Guard, 0800 294 2822,

CESAR Scheme

The Construction & Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration (CESAR) Scheme is promoted by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and supported by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), powered by Datatag ID technology and accredited and supported by a wide range of organisations including the CPA.

The MicroCESAR scheme was launched at the 2017 Executive Hire Show.

Visit the CESAR Scheme website for more information.