Recent Publications and Updates

Recently introduced or updated publications are as follows:

CIG 0701 - Working at Height on Mobile Cranes. As falls from height are one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries, this publication provides guidance where working at height is required as part of the rigging, use, maintenance, and thorough examination of mobile cranes. It should be carried out by trained personnel, following careful planning, which includes adequate assessment of the risks involved. The publication was updated in July 2022 to cover changes in working practices and updates to regulative requirements.

TCIG TIN 053 - Lifting Loads With Integral Lifting Points. This TIN, devised by both the CPA Tower Crane Interest Group and the construction industry’s Lead AP Group that deals with the issues associated with the lifting of loads with integral lifting points. Loads such as plant, equipment and materials with integral lifting points are frequently lifted on construction sites. However, a range of questions that are frequently raised around the use and confidence on integral lift points from which the TIN has been written to provide answers and further clarification through a concise, five page publication.

CIG 1901 V2 - Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness of Mobile Cranes This guide provides good practice advice on the duties and responsibilities that a crane owner or driver have to the roadworthiness of their vehicles. It covers what they are legally required to do, what is good practice and gives information on where to seek additional help, including technical assistance or training. This publication was updated in February 2022 to include all mobile crane types.

TCIG 2101 - Safe Use Guidance on Emergency Action Planning and Rescue From Height on Tower Cranes. Guidance for emergency action planning and rescue from height on tower cranes was first introduced as a TIN (013) a number of years ago, with its primary purpose being to indicate what emergency actions should take place for the rescue of persons from height on tower cranes so that wherever tower cranes are erected, the emergency response and rescue of persons from height should be planned for. Due to the extent and depth of the revised content, it has been converted into a full-sized safe use publication and now available for downloading.