Recent Publications and Updates

Recently introduced or updated publications are as follows:

Technical Information Note (TIN) 036 - Tower Crane Electrical Supplies, Earthing Arrangements, Emergency Escape Lighting and Lightning Protection. This TIN provides guidance to tower crane hirers (users) about the provision of tower crane electrical supplies, emergency escape lighting and lightning protection and includes guidance on inspection and testing following installation and whilst in service. The TIN has increased from two to five pages compared to the previous version and has an increased focus and additional content on a range of topics including relevant electrical regulatory compliance requirements, earth-bonding arrangements, electrical supply for both crane operation and marking requirements, mechanical and electrical protection, and isolation devices.

CHIG 1101: Maintenance, inspection and thorough examination of construction hoists. This document, updated in May 2021 provides guidance on daily pre-use checks, inspections, thorough examination and maintenance of hoists and includes checklists and report forms for pre-use checks, weekly inspections and thorough examination. It should be read and used in conjunction with BS 7212 - Code of practice for safe use of construction hoists. Changes are mainly to legislative requirements.

CHIG 0501: Transporting Scaffolding in Construction Hoists (Including Transport Platforms). This document, updated in June 2021, provides guidance for scaffolders on the planning and safe use of construction hoists, including transport platforms, used for transporting scaffolding materials. Changes are mainly to legislative requirements.