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CPA Hire Conditions

The CPA’s 2021 terms and conditions are available to be downloaded.

There have been no fundamental changes to the principal effects of 2011 Model Conditions, but a number a amendments have been made, based on the experiences of the members of the working groups and other developments. Some definitions have been clarified, and the period during which your customer is responsible for the plant has also been more accurately described. With the growing use of electrical-powered plant, an additional clause has been created to highlight the Hirer’s responsibilities when this type of plant is supplied. 

The existing 2011 Model Conditions will continue to be valid for any on-going hire agreements; and the CPA will continue to support Members who have any queries regarding them.

The Supplementary and Contract Lift Conditions have been similarly updated to reflect legislative and operational changes.

CPA Model Conditions 2021

The Model Conditions are only used for business-to-business hire agreements.

Consumer Conditions for Plant Supplied With/Without an Operator

A consumer is an individual hiring an item for their own use in or around their own home. These terms and conditions must only be used when dealing with a consumer for plant supplied with/without an operator.

Supplementary Conditions

To be used in conjunction with the CPA Model Conditions.

Customer Flowchart Guide

You can download the flowchart guide below to help ensure the correct terms are used when hiring to your customer, and the correct checks are made.

Clarification on Sub-Contractor Status

From time-to-time, a hirer/customer who wants to hire your plant and equipment will view you as a sub-contractor and insist you sign their terms and conditions. 

To avoid any misunderstanding as to your status - that of a plant supplier and not a sub-contractor - the download document below is a draft letter, that can be ‘top and tailed’ with your company information, which you can then send to the hirer/customer. 

Need further advice?

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