STIG was formed in 2000 to provide a voice for the shoring plant hire industry, promote best practice, technical advancement and provide advice on specific safety and technical matters to the industry at large. The UK Shoring Plant Hire Industry is estimated to be worth over £100M per year and at any one Time, it is estimated that over 10,000 excavations are being accessed with a large percentage (typically shallower utility or house builder type work) un-shored. The Group meet 3 to 4 times per year and have produced numerous safety / technical / best practice documents and developed strong relationships with the HSE, CITB, TWF SFC, UKCG, BSI and academia.

New members are always welcomed and several new publications are currently being developed. Current Industry issues for the group include the increasing responsibility placed on plant hire suppliers to help customers comply with technical and safety matters. Suppliers are increasingly required to supply design calculations, CAD, Safe Systems of Work, Inspections, product training and expert advice. In addition, the use of BIM is placing further demands to provide 3D CAD and prove the economic and environmental advantages of the products and services.

Every year the HSE report that several people are killed in excavations or as a result of excavation operations where either no shoring or inadequate shoring management is in place. STIG members follow a strict code of good practice for to ensure all their supplies comply with the latest Health & safety requirements. The UK shoring sector is widely recognised as the most developed and technologically advanced in the world. Joining STIG offers members the opportunity to share in current best practice and the latest technological advances.

STIG is currently Chaired by Andrew Ward of Pro Shore Ltd.