Construction Hoists form a key part of many construction projects throughout the UK. These vary from Scaffold Hoists and Goods Only Platform Hoists through to Passenger/Goods Hoists and Transport Platforms. They aid in the movement of materials on site, helping to reduce and alleviate the risks associated with manual handling, lifting operations and vehicle movement. As with all machinery however, in order to provide a safe working, they must comply with the requirements of the law. 

The Group was originally founded to provide a dedicated and committed platform for companies to discuss issues and improvements for the industry, involving HSE, Tier 1 Contractors and National Training Bodies. The Group have produced a number of Best Practice Guides which are available as a free download.

CHIG has a steering group and further hosts an annual open meeting for industry and is currenty chaired by Kirsty Archbold-Laming of Southern Hoist Services Ltd.