Tower Crane Interest Group Publications

The Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG) have produced a range of guidance documents and technical information notices which can be downloaded free of charge below:

Emergency Action Planning & Rescue From Height - TCIG 2101

TIN 013 was originally published by the interest group to provide guidance on the planning and p... read more


Requirements for Tower Cranes Alongside Railways Controlled by Network Rail

This guidance provides clarity about oversailing of Network Rail (NR) infrastructures by tower c... read more


Climbing of Tower Cranes - TCIG 1101

The climbing of tower cranes is a specialised technique used in the installation of tower cranes... read more


Maintenance, Inspection and Thorough Examination of Tower Cranes - TCIG 0801

The purpose of this guide is to set out the considerations to meet legal requirements and is div... read more


Safe Use of Top Slew Tower Cranes - TCIG 0701

This guide covers the whole of the lifting operation from the tower crane user's perspective. It... read more


Safe Use of Self Erecting Tower Cranes - TCIG 0601

The management of the installation and use of SETCs follows the same principles as other tower c... read more


Tower Crane Operator's Handbook

All lifting operations must be undertaken by a trained and competent team using a safe system of... read more


Placing Tower Cranes out of and Back into Service - TCIG Safety Alert -

This safety alert is about placing tower cranes out of service for extended periods and was publ... read more


HSE Safety Alert on the Use of Tower Cranes

The HSE issued a safety alert to the construction industry to remind those working on projects w... read more


Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG) - Technical Information Notes

Publication 'Hands Off Step Back 5 Paces

Following a fatality where during the initial stage of the lift, the load became snagged on an obstruction, resulting in the sling being overloaded and breaking and the load falling on the Slinger / Signaller, the Principal Contractor has issued a Technical Briefing Note (TBN) titled ‘Hands off, Step back 5 Paces’. This publication provides learning material to mitigate future incidents of the same nature and intended to reduce the risk of loads striking personnel due to unexpected load movement as well as provide a series of actions that are a hierarchy of control.

The TBN can be downloaded below.

Schedule of Common Lifts

The Industry Lifting Lead AP Group have produced a Schedule of Common Lifts publication, which has been produced to provide guidance on lifting methods for a number of loads frequently lifted on construction sites. 

The schedule, published by NOCN, is designed to support both the training of lift planners on dedicated courses and further to provide additional guidance for the competent person planning or responsible for a lifting operation, supplement the information contained within a lift plan.

The group are keen to stress however that the publication highlights good practice but is not, and nor is it intended to be, a substitute for appropriate lift planning by a competent person and remind the industry that all lifting operations must carried out in compliance with LOLER 1998 and the relevant standards e.g. BS 7121. The Schedule for Common Lifts publication can be downloaded free of charge below.

The Safe External Climbing of Tower Cranes Video

This is an educational film that tackles the safer climbing of tower cranes and raises the awareness of safe practices which can avoid potential risks at all stages of tower crane climbing and aims at driving improvements across the industry to rule out incidents. 'The Safe External Climbing of Tower Cranes' film was developed and produced jointly by Bovis Lend Lease and Select Plant Hire, working in partnership with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as well as the CPA.

The film offers step-by-step practical advice through all stages of tower crane climbing, from planning stages through to onsite activities, including identification of the planning required before work and on site, on the day.

The film compliments the Climbing of Tower Cranes publication - TCIG 1101, produced by the CPA Tower Crane Interest Group, which outlines good practice, potential hazards, development of safe systems of work and the essential checks to be carried out both before and during climbing activiites.