Adjudication is a dispute resolution procedure, (refer to clause 36 of the 2021 Model Conditions). If both parties are in a dispute, and one party to the dispute is a CPA member, then an adjudicator who is familiar with the construction industry can interpret the disputed issue and reach a decision.

This is an entirely confidential process and may be quicker and cheaper than resolving the matter through the courts.


Procedures taken before completing the Adjudication Form

Please download and read the document to ensure you have complied with the adjudication process. 

If you appoint an Adjudicator before you have correctly informed the other party / parties of your intention to commence the Adjudication Process; then the Adjudicator may suspend or terminate his or her continued involvement in the adjudication process.


Your contact at the CPA regarding legal matters is David Smith who can be contacted on 07837 468523

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