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Occupational Briefs

Trailblazer Apprenticeship Occupational Briefs for Employers, Potential Apprentices, Training Providers and Assessment Centres

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Trailblazer Apprenticeships

Trailblazer Apprenticeships:



Lifting Technician

The CPA on behalf of the plant-based Trailblazer development groups has provided a portal for the ocupational briefs to allow a free-of-charge download facility for the following documentation:


  • Training Syllabus
  • Training Record Portfolios
  • EPA Portfolios
  • EPA Knowledge Test
  • EPA Practical Test
  • EPA Professional Interview

Note: To download the files, you will be asked to enter basic details of yourself. This is only for administrative purposes and complies with current data protection guidelines. We do not and will not be making contact or sending unsolicited material.



Training Syllabus



The training syllabus provides further details for training providers, employers and apprentices on the core content that should be covered within both 'off-the-job' training and any learning that takes place in the workplace during the apprenticeship.

Training Record Portfolio


The training record portfolio allows each apprentice to track and record their progress during the training periods and provides confirmation that the learning outcomes and training content has been delivered during the apprenticeship programme.






EPA Portfolio


The EPA portfolio books allows the apprentice to record work undertaken in the workplace and provides a portfolio of evidence which forms part of the apprenticeship end point assessment (EPA).


A matrix is included which indicates the minimum number of activities or conditions that need to have been undertaken within the workplace, both when operating the crane and when carrying out slinging and signalling duties.


To be allowed to undertake the end point assessment, the minimum number of activities must have been carried out. The matrix allows both the apprentice and their employer to track work undertaken and organise work scheduling so that each required activity is undertaken and for the required minimum number of times.


The portfolio further allows the required behaviors to be recorded and evidenced.




EPA Knowledge Test




The EPA Knowledge Test requires the apprentice to answer a number of set questions that require written answers and ensures that the apprentice has the appropriate knowledge of crane operations and sling/signalling requirements. The downloadable document provides the full requirements of the knowledge test for assessment centres, employers and apprentices.




EPA Practical Test


The practical test requires the apprentice to demonstrate their pratical abilities using the relevant category of crane and undertake slinging and signalling duties. There are 3 elements of the test:


  - checking the crane


  - crane operating


  - slinging and signalling


There are specific resources, activities and grading criteria to be followed which is fully explained in the downloadable document for each crane type. To be successful, the apprentice must meet all of the listed criteria.





EPA Professional Interview


The EPA Professional Interview checks the work experiences of the apprentice during the period of the apprenticeship. The content of the EPA Portfolio is used as the basis for discussions and the the interview cannot be started unless the portfolio has been fully completed and the minimum number of entries has been met.


The interview is conducted on a one-to-one basis with the assessor in a suitable and comfortable environment. It is likely that the interview may last for between 2 to 3 hours and will be electronically recorded for auditing purposes.


The apprentice must provide sufficient responses against all of the topics within the professional interview to prove that they have the right level of experience to be deemed work ready. The downloadable document provides the full requirements of the professional interview for assessment centres, employers and apprentices.



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