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About the Road Sweepers Interest Group (RSIG)




Road Sweepers Agreement

The BRSG was formed in 1995 in order to tackle problems of road tax, licensing and tax on fuel. In recent years, it has not needed to meet since there have been no issues affecting their specialist area of plant hire.



Road Sweepers Agreement


In his Pre-Budget speech on the 6th December 2006, the Chancellor stated that the road construction vehicle category within the Hydrocarbons Act would be deleted with effect from the 1st April 2008. Consequently, the agreement which allowed road sweepers to run on rebated gas oil (red diesel) for up to half a kilometre on the public highway from the site entrance/exit of a road construction site ended on the 31st March 2008.


It is HM Revenue & Custom’s (HMRC) aim to ensure that all companies are adhering to the current legislation - Road sweepers can continue to run on rebated gas oil (red diesel) whilst the road sweeper remains on site, (off the public highway), and that the road sweeper has a confirmed Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN) from DVLA.


In the event that the road sweeper was run on rebated gas oil during the hire period, then prior to it being driven along the public highway (whether the hire is completed or not), then the engine must be flushed with all traces of red diesel removed, and be replaced with DERV (white diesel) and taxed accordingly.


We have been told that HMRC may initially give a warning to any company, should one of their road sweepers be stopped whilst driving along the public highway and found to be running on red diesel. However, HMRC could take action against the company, which may result in the vehicle being impounded / confiscated and a heavy fine being imposed.

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