Prevention of Damages to Bridges by Overheight Vehicles

Following recent bridge strike incidents on the Scottish road network, the CPA have been contacted by Transport Scotland seeking CPA Member support in improving the safety of vehicle movements on their road network. Their Strike it Out campaign has been successful in reducing the overall number of bridge strike incidents since its implementation. However, given a recent and disappointing increase in incidents of damage to bridges on the trunk road network in Scotland, they are again seeking to raise awareness of the issue by contacting industry bodies such as CPA.

Of particular note is an incident where the A90 200 Glencarse Overbridge at St Madoes was struck by an excavator on the back of a beavertail lorry. The excavator boom struck the bridge causing damage to the steel beams and concrete deck. This caused delays to westbound A90 traffic and inconvenienced the users of the local road network. Extensive repairs are required to the bridge for the second time after it was damaged in a similar incident 4 years ago, despite it having headroom clearance above the legal minimum of 5.03m / 16’ 6”.

Although legislation places the responsibility with the haulier - and primarily the driver of the vehicle - for ensuring the vehicle load or height can be accommodated on the road network; they state that as roads authorities, they have a duty to the public to ensure Scotland’s roads are as safe as possible and this reminder is an important opportunity to prevent un-planned disruption to road users.

Therefore, Transport Scoland have asked to highlight to CPA Members the need to check their route is suitable for the height of their load - which also applies in both Wales and England - and remind CPA members who transport plant that bridge heights are only required to be signed where they have headrooms of less than 5.03m / 16’ 6”.

Hauliers who have uncertainty over headroom clearances on Scottish trunk road routes or who require assistance with vehicle routeing are encouraged to contact the Operating Company who manages the relevant area of the trunk road network on behalf of Transport Scotland.

Details can be found on Transport Scotland’s Website at