The CPA’s Crane Interest Group (CIG) has produced a new guidance document that focusses on the minimum standards required for the tendering, management and operations of mobile cranes. The guide provides a range of good practice advice on the expected standard of duties and the relevant responsibilities for both operators and crane users. The document incorporates five sections including the legal requirements, factors for crane procurement, the specification and equipment check of cranes at site and signposting to other relevant publications.

A number of checklist templates are included which list the information that should be provided by the crane supplier, and information that should be confirmed when the crane arrives at site. This guide aims to raise standards and encourage sourcing from responsible mobile crane suppliers and it is the group’s intention that this document remains a living and flexible document, with any change to any aspect of legislation or industry good practice to be captured in future versions, giving the user confidence that they will be operating to the latest industry-led good practice standards.

The Guidance on the Tendering, Management and Operations of Mobile Cranes publication can be downloaded free of charge at: