ESTA Mobile Crane AdBlue Survey

ESTA (the European Heavy Transport and Mobile Crane Association) to which CPA are members, are conducting a survey on the use of AdBlue and subsequent issues. At a meeting with the manufacturers of mobile cranes back in April, ESTA raised the topic of AdBlue related malfunctions, as crane rental companies around Europe are reporting growing issues with the use of AdBlue, with some saying almost one third of all on-road breakdowns seem to be AdBlue related.

A key concern is that if the AdBlue system malfunctions – e.g. if the engine is too cold – then the crane’s engine potentially loses power or shuts down, with potentially dangerous consequences. The same also appears to affect SMPTs.

ESTA is therefore gathering information about any issues from which they will then consult with the members of the European Regulations Workgroup and decide on the next steps. In order to allow mobile crane owners and users to send in information about problems with the use of AdBlue in mobile cranes (and SPMTs), they have produced as survey form that CPA mobile crane members and users are urgently requested to respond to.

The survey can be found at: and will only take a few minutes to complete. All responses will help ESTA in making a case with the engine manufacturers. 

For more information on this topic or on ESTA, please contact Peter Brown at