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Construction Hoist Interest Group (CHIG) Publications

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Construction Hoist Interest Group (CHIG)

CHIG 1101

CHIG1101 - Published October 2011


Maintenance, Inspection and Thorough Examination of Construction Hoists

(Replaces CHIG 0301)


This revised document provides guidance on daily pre-use checks, inspections, thorough examination and maintenance of hoists.  It also includes check lists and report forms for pre-use checks, weekly inspections and thorough examination. It should be read in conjunction with BS 7212 "Code of practice for safe use of construction hoists".


CHIG 0901

CHIG 0901 - Published June 2009

CPA Best Practice Guide - Work at Height on Construction Hoists


Where working at height is required as part of the erection, alteration, maintenance and dismantling of constructions hoists and should be carried out by trained personnel, following careful planning which includes adequate assessment of the risks involved.


This planning should include provision for the rescue of persons, both during erection, alteration and dismantling, and whilst the hoist is in-service. This document provides guidance on the issues.


CHIG 0501 - Revision 1

CHIG 0501 - Revision 1 - Published February 2014


CPA Best Practice Guide - Transporting Scaffolding in Construction Hoists


There have been recent discussions with the Health and Safety Executive and other parties, to address the issue of thorough examination of partly completed hoists/transport platforms to be used for transporting scaffolding materials.


This has resulted in the reinstatement of CHIG 0501, subject to the proviso that the users of hoists/transport platforms for transporting scaffolding materials must first ensure that the machine is designated as a lifting platform and thoroughly examined as such before being taken into use for that purpose.


Once the transport of scaffolding materials is completed; the landings, landing gates and interlocks should be fully installed and a thorough examination carried out before it is handed over for normal use as a hoist/transport platform.


A Technical Information Note giving guidance on the thorough examination of partly completed hoists/transport platforms (lifting platforms) to be used for transporting scaffolding materials, will be shortly available on this website. This information will be incorporated in the revised version of CHIG 0501 which will be available in due course.



CHIG 0401

CHIG 0401 - Revision 1 - Amendment 1 - Published July 2012

Safeguarding Requirements for Landing Gates on Goods-only Hoists


Goods only construction hoists form a key part of many construction projects. They aid in the movement of materials on site which helps to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with manual handling, lifting operations and vehicle movement.


As with all machinery however, in order to be safe, they must comply with the requirements of the law. With innovation and significant changes in the availability of hoist gate interlocking systems, it is clear that the safety devices available for this equipment have moved forward.



CHIG 0201

CHIG 0201 - Published August 2002


CPA Best Practice Guide - Transport Platforms, Installation, Use, Maintenance, Inspection, Examination and Testing


Transport platforms are temporary lifting machines used on construction sites. With their restricted speed, they are not replacements for fast moving construction hoists.


This guidance clarifies the use for which they are designed as well as giving guidance on risk assessment.  The guidance covers the planning, safe installation, use, maintenance, inspection, thorough examination and testing of transport platforms.


CHIG Technical Information Notes (TINs)




TIN No. Title Issue  
300 Technical Information Note Index C Download>> TIN 300 
301   Thorough Examination of Hoists to be Used for Transporting Scaffolding Materials B Download>> TIN301
302 Construction Hoist Out-of-service Wind Speeds A Download>> TIN 302
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