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Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG) Publications

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Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG)

Tower Crane Climbing Safety DVD

Tower Crane Climbing Safety DVD


A new educational film that is an industry first in tackling the safer climbing of tower cranes now been launched. The film raises the awareness of safe practices which can avoid potential risks at all stages of tower crane climbing and aims at driving improvements across the industry to rule out incidents. 'The Safe External Climbing of Tower Cranes' has been developed and produced jointly by Bovis Lend Lease and Select Plant Hire, working in partnership with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA).


The film offers step by step practical advice through all stages of tower crane climbing, from planning stages through to onsite activities, including, identification of the planning and on site on the day.The DVD compliments the Tower Crane Climbing Best hazards, development of safe systems of work, and the essential checks to be carried out both during Practice Guide currently under development by the CPA Tower Crane Interest Group which will be published later this year.



'The Safe External Climbing of Tower Cranes' is available on DVD, free of charge, from the CPA by contacting Maria Reid.


or Tel: 020 7796 3366.

Requirements for Tower Cranes Alongside Railways Controlled by Network Rail


Good Practice Guide


Requirements for Tower Cranes Alongside Railways Controlled by Network Rail - Published June 2014


This guidance has been prepared to provide clarity about oversailing of Network Rail infrastructures by tower cranes due to the inherent risks to Network Rail operations, personnel, the travelling public etc.


Where it is necessary to carry out lifting operation over or adjacent to a live railway, Network Rail infrastructure or railway public areas, Network Rail must be consulted at the earliest stage of planning. They will then determine the measures required, which may well include a railway possession and, if appropriate, isolation for which the lead time will be considerable.





TCIG 1101

TCIG 1101 - Published May 2011


CPA Best Practice Guide - Climbing of Tower Cranes


The climbing of tower cranes is a specialised technique used in the installation of tower cranes to increase or decrease the height of a crane without the use of a large mobile crane to lift components to the top of the crane.


Successful tower crane climbing operations depend on detailed planning and effective teamwork by suitably trained and experienced personnel.


TCIG 0801

TCIG 0801 - Published May 2008

CPA Best Practice Guide - Maintenance, Inspection and Thorough Examination of Tower Cranes


The purpose of this Guide is to set out, in clear and concise terms, Best Practice for meeting legal requirements.


The document is in two sections - Maintenance, and Thorough Examination, to emphasise that these are separate activities.


It is aimed at tower crane owners, and those managing and carrying out the maintenance and thorough examination. However, the document will also be of benefit to other groups such as tower crane users.


TCIG 0701

TCIG 0701 - Published December 2007

CPA Best Practice Guide - Safe Use of Top Slew Tower Cranes


This guide covers the whole of the lifting operation from the tower crane user's perspective.


It sets out to provide guidance in an easily assimilated form, paying particular attention to the duties of the whole lifting team, the hazards involved in tower crane operation and precautions to be taken if accidents are to be avoided.


TCIG 0601

TCIG 0601 - Published May 2010 


CPA Best Practice Guide - Safe Use of Self Erecting Tower Cranes


The management of the installation and use of SETCs follows the same principles as other tower cranes.  The purpose of this Guide is to provide guidance on the safe siting, erection, use, maintenance, thorough examination and dismantling of SETCs, together with the management and planning of these activities.


Also applies to truck mounted tower cranes.



Tower Crane Operator's Handbook - Published February 2008












HSE Safety Alert on the Use of Tower Cranes













TCIG Technical Information Notes (TINs)

Tower Crane Technical Information Notes


TIN No.  Title Issue  
000 Technical Information Note Index  AJ Download >>
001 Access to Tower Cranes After Commissioning  B Download >>
002 Raising and Lowering of Small Material  C Download >>
003 Tower Crane Access Procedures  B Download >>
004 Installing Wire Ropes on Winch Drums and Storage Reels  C Download >>
005 Housekeeping on Tower Cranes  B Download >>
006 Tower Crane Access Ladders  C Download >>
007 Duty Boards C Download >>
008 Tower Crane Edge Protection  C Download >>
009 Security of Access to the Crane Base D Download >>
010 Tower Crane Anti-Collision Systems  B Download >>
011 Attachment of Floodlights, Illuminated Signs and Christmas Decorations B Download >>
012 Tower Crane Access Signage  B Download >>
013 Rescue of Personnel From Height on Tower Cranes  H Download >>
014 Pre-Erection Component Checks  B Download >>
015 Risk Assessment – General Access to Tower Cranes (including for maintenance)  C Download >>
016 Fall Protection Equipment For Tower Crane Operators  C Download >>
017 Radio Communication For Lifting Operations  D Download >>
018 Tower Crane Life  B Download >>
019 Contract Lifting and Crane Hire when Erecting, Dismantling and Using Tower Cranes on Construction Sites  B Download >>
020 The Effect of Wind on Tower Cranes In Service  D Download >>
021 Maintenance Principles for Tower Cranes  D Download >>
022 The Use of Tag Lines with Tower Cranes  B Download >>
023 Luffing Jib Tower Cranes - Information and Actions for Owners/Suppliers  B Download >>
024 Luffing Jib Tower Cranes - Precautions For Users  B Download >>
025 Luffing Jib Tower Cranes - Precautions for Operators Working at or near Minimum Radius in Strong Winds  B Download >>
026 Lifting Loads Using Fabric Bags  A Download >>
027 Tower Crane Out-of-Service Wind Speeds  C Download >>
028 Lifting of Mechanical Plant On Drip Trays  B Download >>
029 Repair and Reprogramming of Inverters  A Download >>
030 Tower Crane Erection Team Composition  B Download >>
031 Tower Crane Bases and Ties  C Download >>
032 Exclusion Zones  A Download >>
033 Stability of Tower Crane Jibs During Erection  A Download >>
034 Ensuring the Safe Access of Tower Crane Operators on Site  A Download >>
035 Specification and Verification of Replacement Components for Tower Crane  A Download >>
036 Tower Crane Power Supplies, Earthing Arrangements and Lightning Protection  A Download >>
037 Minimising the Effects of Winch Failure During Load Testing  A Download >>
038 Leaving Tower Cranes Out-of-Service When Other Cranes Are Working on Multiple Tower Crane Sites D Download >>
039 Operating Tower Cranes in the Vicinity of Aerodromes, Notification and En-route Obstacle Lighting  C Download >>
040 Lifting of Persons With Tower Cranes A Download >>
041  Travelling Tower Cranes On Rail Tracks A Download >>
042  Selection of Tower Crane - Anticipated Utilization A Download >>
043 Design and Design Checking of Attachement Brackets for Tower Crane Accessories A Download >>
044 User Responsibilities for the Maintenance, Inspection and Thorough Examination of Tower Cranes B Download >>
045  Load Testing of Tower Cranes A Download >>
046  Lifting inside the Load Curve of Luffing Jib Tower Cranes A Download >>
047  Tower Crane Related Fire Hazards A Download >>
048  The Use of High Tensile Fasteners on Tower Cranes  A Download >>
049  Lifting of Pre-slung Loads A Download >>
050 Prevention of Objects Falling From Height A Download >>


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