PSRO Updates

Next Steps 2022:

The PSRO Board met a number of times during 2021 to formalise the ToR and approve the action plan, as derived from feedback from each of the employer engagement meetings. Work on the PSRO was deferred whilst each federation prioritised support to their members and industry in general during the 2020/2021coronavirus pandemic.

The Technical Review Group have further held a number of meetings during 2021 and have now completed their work on the plant occupations competency framework. This can be downloaded from the PSRO downloads page using the link below.

CPA, as the secretariat of the PSRO, have held several update meetings with the certificating bodies in early 2022 to confirm the continuation of the PSRO, outline the next stages of development and present the competency framework for comment.

Applications for certificating bodies seeking PSRO approval to attain the CSCS logo are now open. Forms can be downloaded from the PSRO downloads section, using the link below.

The PSRO Board will be holding their next meeting in early July 2022. A meeting for teh Certificating Bodies will be held soon after.

Further Information on the PSRO

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