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Shoring Technology Interest Group (STIG) Publications

Note: Although the Shoring Technology Interest Group (STIG) does its best to ensure that any advice, recommendations or information it may give either in their publications or elsewhere is accurate, no liability or responsibility of any kind (including liability for negligence) howsoever and from whatsoever cause arising, is accepted in this respect by the Group, its servants or agents.

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Shoring Technology Interest Group (STIG)

Be Safe - Shore:- Part 1 - Revision 1

STIG - Management of Shoring in Excavations PART 1 - Management - REVISION 1 - Published February 2016


Be Safe - Shore


This guidance is essential reading for anyone involved in the planning, management, design and supervision of excavation works during any stage of the construction process, including site investigations. Guidance is given in the form of a review of current practice, including a simple to follow management flowchart and advice on assessing the competency of the duty holders.



Be Safe - Shore:-

Part 2 



Management of Shoring in Excavations - Part 2 - Hazard Identification For Risk Assessment


This document is Part 2 of a suite of publications on the topic of excavation safety. Part 1 deals with the Management of Shoring in Excavations and provides guidance on decision making, planning and control of work. This document provides expanded guidance to assist with preparations for excavation work on site.








Safety In Shoring Manual

STIG Safety In Shoring Manual - Published in July 2006


(The Proprietary Shoring and Piling Equipment Manual)


The use, range and scope of proprietary shoring and piling equipment have all increased dramatically within recent years. Whilst shoring and piling operations are often among the first tasks on a new construction site, they are often treated as separate entities with little consideration to the natural link between them. This manual attempts to bring these two operations together and illustrates the latest equipment, considerations surrounding the selection of equipment types, methods of use, safety issues and legislation surrounding these operations.

A hard copy of the Manual is also available from the CPA Office at £5.00 per copy. Please call 020 7796 3366 for further details.



STIG 0201

STIG 0201 - Published July 2002

Safety Guidance - Selection of Proprietary Shoring Equipment


This guidance is aimed at contractors. It describes the most common ground support equipment and gives guidance on its applications.


It includes a quick reference chart on the correct selection of shoring equipment.



STIG Technical Information Notes (TINs)

STIG Technical Information Notes (TINs)


TIN No Title Issue  
200 Technical Information Note Index H Download >>
201 Definition of Engineering Terms Relating to Piling, Excavations and Temporary Works Design C Download >>
202 Schedule of Cold Formed Steel Sheets A Download >>
203 The Use of Restraining Chains to Support Shoring Equipment A Download >>
204 The Correct Use of Lifting and Other Attachment Points for Shoring Equipment A Download >>

Schedule of Plastic Piles

B Download >>

Shoring Equipment and Construction Products Regulations

A Download >>

Shoring Designs based on Verbal Soil Descriptions

A Download >>

 Safe Use of Excavator Mounted Vibrators

A Download >>
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