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New Guidance for Dumpers

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Strategic Forum - Plant Safety Group


Plant Safety Group Guidance on the Safe Use of Dumpers


Following a number of recent serious incidents involving Forward Tipping Dumpers, an industry forum was formed in October 2016 with an aim to avoid future incidents that have happened with these machine types.


At their September 2017 meeting of the forum, CPA agreed to produce a comprehensive guidance publication for the safe use of dumpers through the Plant Safety Group.


A new working group has been formed to develop the good practice guide with the first meeting held on 14th February 2018. The guidance include topics such as:


  • Operational factors;
  • Management and supervision requirements;
  • Training and information;
  • Segregation/exclusion zones;
  • Dumper types, specifications and equipment;
  • Machine selection and compatibility;
  • Ground conditions.

One of the main messages of the safe use guidance is that the use of a dumper should not be an automatic choice. The correct identification of the most appropriate machine should be the first step followed by effective planning, supervision and use of competent people if dumpers are to be used safely. Unfortunately, some of the large number of dumpers in use are operated incorrectly or put into unsafe situations, often resulting in accidents and incidents which sadly cause serious injuries and death.


The use of dumpers fitted with a cab is becoming common for which the guidance outlines some of the issues and considerations that need to be made in terms of allowing an operator to remain seated during the loading process. The development of this good practice guide has drawn on existing work that has already been undertaken by the Industry Forum from which a new section was inserted that highlights the causes and consequences of accidents, based on case studies derived from publicly-available safety alerts and those investigated by the Health and Safety Executive.


The draft document has beeb subject to a public consultation programme with all comments received under consideration by the working group. The complated guidance is expected to be launched around Easter 2019.


The Plant Safety Group for Dumpers are keen to release the guidance at the earliest opportunity to mitigate further incidents but stress that with rapid technical and operational developments occurring with dumpers, that the guidance may be subject to continual future updates.


Please note that the CPA have already produced a specific operational safety guidance publication titled ‘Staying Safe When Operating Forward Tipping Dumpers’ which is aimed principally at operators for refresher training purposes and available free-of-charge from:




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