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Occupational Health

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Safety & Health

Occupational health is a serious issue within the construction industry. Many workers die as a result of illness caused or made worse by their work in construction. Many more have their healthy and productive lives shortened.


HSE’s Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) has published a Position Statement clarifying these issues.

Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions


Breathing in diesel fumes can affect your health, and exposure to the fumes can cause irritation of
your eyes or respiratory tract. These effects are generally short term and should disappear when you are away from the source of exposure.


However, prolonged exposure to diesel fumes, in particular to any blue or black smoke, could lead to coughing, chestiness and breathlessness. There is some evidence that repeated exposure to diesel fumes over a period of about 20 years may increase the risk of lung cancer.


CPA has produced a short guidance document for operators; you can download this by clicking on the link on the right. 

CPA and Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group publications are available for free download from the Publications section of this website.

CPA has published a position statement that is intended to be a short summary of elements of existing knowledge that might influence the production of further guidance, or industry practice. You can download this by clicking on the link on the right. 

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