NRMM Consultation - Member Input Encouraged

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) have opened a consultation on the decarbonisation options open to the Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) community. The consultation opened just before Christmas, and closes on March 26th.

The consultation, which has been over a year in the planning, is an opportunity for construction equipment users and manufacturers, to have their say on how the NRMM sector can reduce the use of diesel powered equipment, as part of the government’s wider moves to reach net zero by 2050.

The government is keen to hear from as many companies as possible, with the call for evidence looking at the following areas:

·        how NRMM is currently used across the economy

·        the decarbonisation options available to NRMM, including efficiency measures, process changes, and fuel switching technologies

·        the possible opportunities and barriers to deploying decarbonisation options

·        whether existing policies are sufficient to decarbonise NRMM in line with net zero

·        whether the Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy policy principles should also apply in determining the case for further government intervention to support NRMM decarbonisation

Please see the link to the consultation page here - Non-road mobile machinery: decarbonisation options - GOV.UK (

The CPA will be responding directly to the consultation, and while we would encourage as many companies from the plant-hire sector, to take part and reply directly to the consultation, we appreciate this might not always be possible.

With this in mind, I would be keen to hear from members, with their views on the following areas:

-        are you actively taking steps to move away from diesel powered equipment and fossil fuels, towards alternatives such as HVO, or electric / battery powered equipment?

-        what is stopping you from decarbonising your fleet – is it cost of alternative fuels and equipment, the current economic environment, lack of investment incentives available, reliability and performance of alternative fuelled equipment?

-        what policy measures and steps do you think the government could take, to encourage the decarbonisation of NRMM fleets? Steps could include introducing a scrappage scheme for existing diesel powered equipment, reintroduction of the rebate for HVO or other bio-diesels, extending the Full Expensing Allowance for the plant and rental equipment industries.

-        Any other comments.

Please do contact me if you have any queries on the consultation and the CPA’s work in this area.

Best wishes,

Chris Cassley
Policy Manager