New Crane Outrigger Loading Guidance

The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) has produced guidance to set out best practice for the assessment and management of outrigger loading. It aims to align with (and signpost to) existing good guidance on the wider management of construction plant operations and temporary works. It seeks only to complement existing guidance and good practice relating to the calculation of maximum outrigger load and minimum required bearing area.

The primary aim of this guidance is to provide clarity regarding the selection of a suitable outrigger mat or mat arrangement with sufficient capacity to spread the maximum outrigger load to the minimum required bearing area. Assessment of the capacity of outrigger mats or mat arrangements has been identified as an area of particular weakness in existing guidance. Specifically, the TWf which included input from CPA, highlighted concerns regarding the stated capacity of some outrigger mats/systems. This guide makes specific recommendations with the aim of addressing these concerns, and more general recommendations regarding the assessment of outrigger mats in all materials.

The guidance can be downloaded below.