CPA Survey Update w/c 18th October

We continue to seek responses from members on this very important survey and look forward to completed survey forms as described below.

CPA Members should have received now received an explanatory email from our appointed survey organisation along with a link to the survey from “Construction Plant-hire Association”.

We kindly ask for a few minutes of member's time to complete this. It will be of great importance and benefit to the membership so that we can find ways of directly supporting member’s training needs, and your responses are vital.

If you are unable to find it in your mailbox, it may be within your spam/junk folder. Please contact Peter Brown at for further information on this survey.

Call for CPA Member Action

CPA staff continually provide its membership with ongoing advice, guidance and support for skills and training topics. Recruitment, skills and retention are major topics for Members’ businesses, who are currently having to deal with well-documented critical skills shortages and retention issues. This necessitates both short and long-term actions to ensure the continued effectiveness of the sector. The CPA Council is keen to provide the membership with effective support and is seeking to consider a range of applicable support methods.

To understand what support is required, clear data is needed on many factors - such as when, how and what training is undertaken as well as what issues members collectively have in sourcing and organising training, qualifications and apprenticeships. This will then help to identify where CPA can most effectively provide its members with support around their training and competency provision. CPA has therefore contracted Pye Tait, a respected research organisation, to undertake a research programme and engage with the membership to identify the current training and competency landscape.

Although acknowledging that this is yet another CPA research project, the findings will be highly significant and will also allow CPA to better engage with Government and other bodies - such as CITB, who tend not to relate or take issues seriously unless hard, factual data is provided. From the findings, CPA will also be in a much stronger position to seek and canvass for better external support and funding.

CPA members will shortly be contacted by Pye Tait, asking that they participate in the research programme via an online survey and/or through direct contact. We urge the membership to participate so that this critical information can be gathered and utilised accordingly. We thank you in advance for your support.

Please note that CITB may also be undertaking a survey on plant training, although theirs is focussed purely on intended plant operating training standards and grant support and is not connected with, or similar to, this CPA survey which is focussed on how CPA can help the membership further.

If you have any queries or comments to make on this research programme, please contact Peter Brown at who will be happy to discuss further.