CITB Plant Training Standards and Grants Changes

CITB have announcing forthcoming changes to the new plant operations short duration training standards and the associated grants, which will begin to be introduced from January 2023. These changes follow their review of plant training and testing in consultation with employers and stakeholders from across the plant sector, including CPA members. The aim of their review was to seek simplicity and clarity to plant grants and the new training standards which, they say, will ensure safe, consistent and high-quality plant operations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The first phase of standards, based on CITB's most used plant grants, include:

  1. Excavator 360, above 10 tonnes (tracked)
  2. Forward tipping dumper (wheeled)
  3. Rear tipping dumper/ dump truck: articulated chassis (all sizes)
  4. Ride on Roller
  5. Telescopic handler: all sizes excluding 360 slew
  6. Industrial forklift
  7. Plant and Vehicle Marshaller
  8. Slinger, Signaller: all types, all duties A

Alongside the introduction of the new standards, the grant rates for plant training and tests will also be changed. Currently, grants are available for achievement of the CPCS technical test as well as short course training, available to all CITB registered employers. Under the proposed changes, CITB are introducing a single grant for an integrated plant training and assessment programme, making they say, the claiming of grant simpler and straight forward for employers. The grant payable is divided into 3 x tiers and each plant category placed into a tier as follows:

Tier 1 e.g. Ride on Roller - est. 28 hours training

  • Proposed Novice Rate: £440
  • Proposed Experienced Rate: £370

Tier 2 e.g. Forward Tipping Dumper – est. 21 hours training

  • Proposed Novice Rate: £500
  • Proposed Experienced Rate: £420

Tier 3 e.g. 360 Degree Excavator – est. 70 hours training

  • Proposed Novice Rate: £700
  • Proposed Experienced Rate: £590

In each case, there is an increase from the current training and CPCS technical test grant. Please note that the novice route training durations have yet to be fully established but the timescales shown are indicative of technical working group feedback. Furthermore, although yet to be determined, the experienced route durations are envisaged as around 1 or 2 days, depending on the category of plant. There is to be a profiling process undertaken by the training provider to determine which route a learner needs to undertake.

Training against the new standards from January 2023 will only be grant eligible if it meets the following criteria:

  • is delivered by one of CITB’s Approved Training Organisations (ATO)
  • is quality assured by the provider, the card scheme and CITB
  • leads to a CSCS-logoed card. (note: currently, only ALLMI, CPCS, IPAF and NPORS are CSCS partner-card schemes)

The Plant Sector Representative Organisation's (PSRO) Technical Review Group, led by CPA, has been assisting CITB in devising technical content for the 8 categories along with delivery criteria for the ATOs to ensure consistency and high standards of delivery. CPA Technical Staff along with several CPA members have further been chairing a number of technical working groups consisting of both industry experts and training provider staff in setting the technical content and assessment criteria of the standards. It is envisage that the technical working groups should complete their work by October 2022. For clarificatioun, PSRO and CPA staff have not been involved in the discussions around and setting of the grant payment tiers and amounts.

More information can be viewed at:

CPA would like to hear both CPA Members and industry’s views on the proposed changes which we can then feed back to CITB. Please contact either to Peter Brown, CPA Technical and Development Manager at or on 07495 901 055, or Rob Squires, CPA Training Manager at or on 07976 984 141