CAA Airfield Crane Notification - Updated Notification Process

Update - May 2022

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have now advised that their new and improved online submissions portal is now live. Their ACOMS Service aims to simplify the crane notification process and their new internal systems is intended to enable the CAA to deliver a higher level of service.

The new automated online notification system is live for all users from 2 May 2023. The old notification method of using DAP1924 - as detailed in the April 2021 version of CAP 1096 – or AVOKA submissions are no longer be accepted.

Users must register to use the system on the CAA Customer Portal. The link to the portal for registration and notification as well as all other information about the revised notification process can be found at: 

Notification is required if a crane is:

  • to be used within 6 Km of the aerodrome/airfield and its height exceeds 10 metres Above Ground Level (AGL) or that of surrounding structures or trees, if higher, or;
  • is to be operated at or above a height of 100 metres AGL regardless of location or height of surrounding structures.

Where cranes are to be in situ for more than 90 days, before the crane is erected, users must also notify:

  • the CAA by the ACOMS Service, and;
  • the Defence Geographic Centre (DGC)

The lighting requirements are the same as previous CPA communications, being:

  • Above 150 metres - must be illuminated with 2000 candela;
  • Within 6 Km of aerodrome as dictated by aerodrome operator;
  • 45 metres to 150 metres - recommend 2000 candela;
  • Less than 45m - recommend 32 candela.