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Government Review Red Diesel Use

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At the 2018 Spring Statement, the Government announced a call for evidence on the use of rebated gas oil (red diesel) by non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), allowing them to understand what is preventing users/owners from switching to cleaner technologies. This forms part of their Clean Air Strategy for emission reductions and as part of this review, seek to understand the issues of NRMM red diesel use to provide the evidence base for future policies. 


The Government claims that red diesel use makes up over 15% of total diesel use, and believe the majority of red diesel is used by NRMM meaning that this review or call for evidence is therefore focused on those types. The Government say that they have a good understanding of the suppliers and distributors of red diesel, however they say that they have less information about end users and the geographic spread of red diesel use and would like a better understanding of why red diesel is used, and what are the main barriers to switching to cleaner technologies.


They also want to know what cleaner alternatives currently exist. This information is relevant because of the impact diesel usage has on air quality, especially in urban areas where groups of machines using red diesel may be concentrated in single locations.


The Government seeks evidence on aspects of red diesel use to explore the quantities used across different sectors, the value of the fuel duty rebate to those industries which benefit, the reasons for red diesel use and the cleaner alternatives that currently or will soon exist.  They further seek data on equipment numbers, use, lifespan and cleaner alternatives, either technologies or practices and provides evidence about how best to encourage those who use mobile machinery - particularly in urban areas - to purchase cleaner alternatives.


A consultation document (downloadable here) provides further information on the review programme and ways of responding along with a list of their interpretation of NRMM.


On behalf of the plant hire sector, the CPA offers to attain and collate the information the Government seek based on a series of questions on a Word document which can be downloaded here.   


The questions are taken from the Government consultation document which have been formatted into a matrix for ease of response. They have asked for each question to be related to a particular type of NRMM but to minimise the burden of responders, the CPA suggests limiting responses to a ‘top 6’ list of machines where large fleet types are held. Some of the questions are generic across a range of machine types so naturally not all boxes need completing.


Alternatively, answers to the Governments questions can be supplied directly via an online form at:


In order to collate responses, the CPA need all returns back to them by Thursday 19th July 2018 with all responses returned to Tim Watson at The deadline using the Government’s online form is 24th July 2018.



Please help the CPA respond to this Government Call for Evidence which could have a long-term effect on your hire fleet.


The CPA will make all relevant approaches to Government to ensure that Members and the plant hire's voices are heard. 


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