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About the Construction Hoist Interest Group (CHIG)

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Construction Hoist Interest Group (CHIG)


Construction Hoists form a key part of many construction projects throughout the UK. These vary from Scaffold Hoists and Goods Only Platform Hoists through to Passenger/Goods Hoists and Transport Platforms. They aid in the movement of materials on site, helping to reduce and alleviate the risks associated with manual handling, lifting operations and vehicle movement.


As with all machinery however, in order to provide a safe working, they must comply with the requirements of the law. With innovation and significant changes in the availability of hoist gate interlocking systems, it is clear that the safety devices available for this equipment have moved forward.


The Group was founded to provide a dedicated and committed platform for companies to discuss issues and improvements for the industry, involving HSE, Tier 1 Contractors and National Training Bodies. The Group have produced the Best Practice Guide for Transporting Scaffolding in Construction Hoists (including Transport Platforms) with the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC). The guide (CHIG 0501) which is supported by HSE, is available from CPA.


The Transport Platform Working Group worked on the document CEN TC10 to provide harmonised standards throughout Europe on the requirements for this type of equipment. Members have continued to achieve hoist installer qualifications Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ/QCF in Hoist Installation, ensuring a skilled and reliable workforce, retaining high values and work ethos across the industry.


With significant improvements made in safety and manufacturing, and the vast spectrum of projects presented by the Construction Industry, further Best Practice Guides will be established. The Group led development on Work at Height (including Rescue from Height) and co-worked with IPAF on Mastclimber (MCWP) standards to ensure the selection of correct equipment for projects.


Some members of CHIG encountered problems regarding hoists being secured to scaffolding with some contractors have insisted that the hoist must be tied to buildings and not to the scaffold. However, it has been clarified by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) that hoists can be tied to scaffolding providing that the scaffold has been designed to take the weight of the hoist and the Guide to Good Practice for Scaffolding TG 20 document was amended. Whilst the group are not totally in agreement with what has been stated, it does make the issue, of the tying of hoists to scaffolds, more clear.


Further work was undertaken with CPCS in 2015 to update the Hoist category (A20).



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