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News & Events

          CPA Announces Date and New Midlands Venue for Construction Plant Conference 2017

          CPA Events

          CPA Looking Forward to Exhibiting at Plantworx

          Apprenticeship Funding 2017

          Plant-based Trailblazer Apprenticeships - Online Survey Now Open

          Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group MEWPs Group develops Safety Alert Protocol

          CPA All Set to Congratulate the Construction Plant Industry’s Most Promising Apprentices

          London Emissions Surcharge

          CITB Consultation Events

          Apprentice Award Recognition for A-Plant.

          Serious About Suction - Suction and Vacuum Excavators - Safe Use Is Essential!

          Plant Safety Group to Update Guidance on Lifting with Excavators

          Stars of the Future 2016 - The Movie

          CPA Conference 2015

Join Us & About Us

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          The CPA Team

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          CPA Annual Report & Accounts 2015-16




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          Adjudicator's List & Nomination Form

          CPA Hire Conditions


               Employment Publications

          Free Legal & Business Assistance


Publications & Guidance

          Publications and Order Forms

          Legal Publications

Insurance & Plant Theft


          Plant Theft


               Plant Security Manufacturers / CESAR

               List of Stolen Plant

               PANIU Reports

               Articles and Powerpoint Presentations

               Combined Industries Theft Solutions (CITS)

               'Take Five' to stop fraud

Safety & Health

          Strategic Forum - Plant Safety Group

               Lifting Operations With Excavators

               Outreach Meetings

               Reducing Unintended Movement of Plant Project

               SFPSG Outreach Meeting - 13th May 2015

               Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group - New Projects

          What CPA does for safety and health in construction

          Safety Publications

          Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group Publications

               SFPSG Outreach Meeting Registration

               Ground Conditions - Short-form Guidance

          Occupational Health

Special Interest Groups


          British Concrete Pumping Group (BCPG)

               About the British Concrete Pumping Group (BCPG)

               British Concrete Pumping Group (BCPG) Publications

          Construction Hoist Interest Group (CHIG)

               About the Construction Hoist Interest Group (CHIG)

               Construction Hoist Interest Group (CHIG) Publications

          Crane Interest Group (CIG)

               About the Crane Interest Group (CIG)

               Crane Interest Group (CIG) Publications & Guidance

               CIG Articles and News

          Road Sweepers Interest Group

          Shoring Technology Interest Group (STIG)

               About the Shoring Technology Interest Group (STIG)

               Shoring Technology Interest Group (STIG) Publications

               STIG Members

          Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG)

               About the Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG)

               Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG) Publications

               TCIG Articles and News

          Suction and Vacuum Excavator Interest Group (SAVE)

               About the Suction and Vacuum Excavator Interest Group (SAVE)

               Suction and Vacuum Excavator Interest Group (SAVE) Publications


          CPA Bulletin Current Version - February 2017

          CPA Bulletin February 2017

          CPA Bulletin December 2016


          RPA Good Practice Guides

          RPA Newsletters

          About the Rail Plant Association Ltd


          Committee Members & Contacts

          RRV Operator Cards


          Useful Links

          RPA Ltd Supplementary Conditions

          RPA Members

Training & Skills Development

          Lifting Operations With Excavators

          Stars of the Future

               Stars of the Future - what it is

               Stars of the Future 2016 at Vertikal Days

               Stars of the Future 2015 @ PlantworX

               Stars Gallery 2015

               Stars of the Future 2014 - full story

               Stars of the Future 2014 - winners

               Stars of the Future 2013

               Stars of the Future - the Movie!!!

          Stars of the Future 2014

          Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)

          Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)


          Training Agreement

          Trailblazer Apprenticeships

               What is a Trailblazer

               Trailblazer Downloads

               Lifting Technician

               Construction Equipment Operative

               Construction Equipment Maintenance Engineering

               Hire and Rental Desk Operative

               Apprenticeship Funding 2017

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